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A Developers kit has been put together and sold through Jameco. This is an advanced electronics kit. It requires advanced debugging skills, advanced soldering skills, an oscilloscope, and a current limited power supply to build and test effectively.

The complete kit requires the following:

  1. Jameco part #2170337 contains the support hardware and majority of components.

  2. An Arduino Uno is also required, if you don't have one already. This can also be purchased through Jameco as part # 2151486

  3. The following specialized components are also required. Jameco does not carry these, however they can be ordered through Digikey:
    1. UF4007 Ultrafast Rectifier
    2. IR2104 MOSFET driver
    3. LTC6101 current sensor IC
    4. 0.005 Ohm current sense resistor
    5. 33 uH Inductor

Instruction for assembling the kit can be found on the documentation page.