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Hello, I'm Aran :)

I'm from Devonport in New Zealand and I work on line as a software developer and GNU/Linux server administrator using only open source software for work and in my personal life. My main interests are spirituality and eastern philosophy, agorism, freedom and liberty, programming, open source software and cypto-currencies, electronics, free energy and hacky sack. My main user page is here.

I became interested in building my own charge controller after discovering that MPPT controllers cost about five times more in Brazil than in most western countries! this got me thinking whether it would be feasible to try and make my own one, and after a bit of research online I came across this community :-)

I've done a lot of tinkering with electronics many years ago with DSPs and micro-controllers but by analogue electronic knowledge is not very good at all, so hopefully working on this project will help get that side of things a bit more up to speed. For the last ten years or so I've been involved exclusively with software development, but now that I'm living off-grid I've started getting back into some real-world projects again!